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Energy oriented Center of Excellence EoCoE – Geothermal Energy for a Carbon Free Energy Supply - more

Micro- and Nanostructural Analysis of discharged Silicon-Electrodes for Si-Air batteries - more

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Research Minister Wanka Visits JARA-BRAIN at University Hospital Aachen on her Summer Tour
German Federal Minister of Education and Research Johanna Wanka paid a visit to University Hospital Aachen on 28 July, making RWTH Aachen University the first stop of her summer tour. As part of her visit, minister Wanka therefore spoke in particular with the young scientists involved in the research alliance. In three separate sessions, the minister learned about current research being conducted.

Cartography of the Spin-Orbit-Interaction

Utilizing the magnetic moment (spin) of an electron leads to a faster and more energy efficient processing of bits and bytes than within the actual Si-based processors. So far, manipulation experiments of the spin revealed signals which are much too small for any practical application. A possible reason for the unfavorable efficiency has now...

Micro- and Nanostructural Analysis of discharged Silicon-Electrodes for Si-Air batteries
The group Applied Interface Electrochemistry led by JARA-ENERGY member Juniorprofessor Dr. Florian Hausen is investigating the evolution of the surface structure of Si-Air batteries in order to gain a better understanding of the...


As part of a cooperation project between RWTH Aachen University and Forschungszentrum Jülich (JARA), a new database was created, that provides comprehensive overview of the main research areas in energy of the two institutions.


Human Brain Project
JARA Involved in European Megaproject on Human Brain Simulation
JARA FIT Annual Report
You can download the new JARA-FIT Annual Report 2014 from here. Our last year's scientific progress and our achievements are documented there.