Si-Air batteries are currently an interesting perspective for the development of next generation batteries. Unfortunately, nowadays realized prototypes do not reach the theoretical capacity. The group Applied Interface Electrochemistry led by JARA-ENERGY member Juniorprofessor Dr. Florian Hausen is investigating the evolution of the surface structure in order to gain a better understanding of the...

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After a review of the nominations the Commission for Quality Management in Teaching has recommended the below named members of RWTH Aachen for the 2016 Teaching Award.  The award in the category "Projects" was presented during the RWTHtransparent event to a team of researchers collaborating on the Virtual Sketching project, developed by Professor Thomas H. Schmitz from the Chair of Visual Arts at the Department of Architecture; scenographist Hannah Groninger; and Professor Torsten Kuhlen and computer scientist Dominik Rausch from the Virtual Reality Group.

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The JARA-FAME Annual Report 2015 gives an overview about the different occurrences like events, honours and research results. The reports also contains a current list of JARA members and involved institutes. Research reports give a summery about the work an development of the section.

The JARA-FAME Annual Report 2015 can be downloaded as .pdf file (1,2 MB).

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