Mesocrystals consist of a three-dimensional periodic arrangement of nanoparticles or nanocrystals. The arrangement of the particles within the mesocrystal makes it possible to evoke different characteristics. To enable this modification, an international team has now investigated the size distribution of the nanocrystals. In addition to other experts, JARA-FIT member Prof. Thomas Brückel played a key role in the work.

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The energy revolution is a tremendous task that the countries of the world can only face together. A group of experts consisting of 22 scientists and five scientific officers has now prepared an ad hoc statement on the subject for the Federal Government. In this statement, the experts summarise the measures that are essential to achieve the climate targets. Prof. Dirk Uwe Sauer, one of the JARA-ENERGY directors, was also part of this group.

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We are pleased to inform you about new ERS calls for proposals to foster research within the framework of the Julich Aachen Research Alliance (JARA). 
Deadline for submission is 07 July, 2020, funding begins in October 2020.
The ERS call text can also be downloaded from our website. Here, you can also find additional information e.g. FAQs or currently funded/completed projects. 
Please apply at the ERS Portal.

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The group of M. Morgenstern at RWTH Aachen University and the group of S. Lounis at Forschungszentrum Jülich, united in the Jülich-Aachen Research Alliance, discovered that single foreign atoms halt the motion of magnetic vortex cores that consists of about 10.000 atoms. They studied the resulting interaction in detail with the help of a dedicated scanning tunneling microscope developed in Aachen. The microscope enables imaging and manipulating of the magnetic nanostructures. The surprising novel result of a single atom stopper leads to novel design criteria for modern computer memories and is published in the well reputed journal Nature Communications.

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