ERC advice – EU research funding and ERC applications

Overview of the application periods of the different ERC Grants

Research and science lay the foundation for the successful development of new technologies. However, the opportunity to develop new ideas as part of a research project and ultimately to implement them depends on the available financial and institutional resources. The European Commission’s research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020, enables scientists throughout Europe and beyond to initiate new projects.

Since there is a whole range of funding opportunities for different project ideas, it is especially important to identify the right type of funding for your research from the measures available. Furthermore, EU money for research and innovation projects is in great demand and consequently there is always fierce competition for these funds. It is therefore particularly important that scientists receive individual advice. Within the framework of JARA, scientists are extensively supported in applying for projects within the framework of Horizon 2020, with a special focus on the programme area of the European Research Council (ERC). Our support not only comprises the search for suitable funding formats and advice during project planning, but also assistance in making applications, negotiating contracts, and during the entire project implementation phase.

ERC funding includes several programmes with different target groups:

ERC Starting Grants are aimed at young researchers who generally completed their doctorate two to seven years ago, although an extension of the period is possible under certain conditions (as with the ERC Consolidator Grants). The ERC Consolidator Grants are a research funding instrument for researchers who have already achieved their first (major) scientific achievements seven to twelve years after completing their doctorate. Both grants enable the establishment or expansion of a dedicated research group to carry out an outstanding project in (application-oriented) basic research and to establish itself internationally.

The third main funding line is the ERC Advanced Grants, which are aimed at experienced, excellent researchers who are internationally established and recognised as leaders in their respective research fields. The prerequisite for funding is that they have achieved outstanding scientific achievements over the past ten years. In addition, since the work programme 2018, it has again been possible for research groups of two to a maximum of four outstanding scientists to apply for an ERC Synergy Grant. Up to 14 million euros per project can be applied for a term of up to six years. The ERC Proof of Concept funding line is aimed at ERC grant holders who wish to pre-commercialise a research result from their current or recently completed ERC project and supports it with up to 150,000 € for a maximum period of 18 months.