The European Research Council (ERC) in Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe (January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2027) is the successor of Horizon 2020 and thus the 9th EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. It continues to pursue the goal of supporting and strengthening the entire research and innovation cycle in Europe.

The structure of the Framework Programme is based on Horizon 2020 and comprises 3 central pillars as well as a part to widen participation and strengthen the European Research Area. The first pillar, "Excellent Science", contains instruments to fund basic research, which support both individual researchers and collaborations through open calls for proposals. As in previous programmes, this also includes the European Research Council (ERC). The European Commission has allocated 95.5 billion euros for Horizon Europe, about 30 billion euros more than for Horizon 2020. 16 billion euros are allotted to the ERC alone.

The ERC as individual funding that enables mobility and the greatest possible flexibility

The ERC funds outstanding researchers of all nationalities who want to advance their research in Europe. To this end, there will continue to be four main funding lines in Horizon Europe.

Overview of ERC funding opportunities
Overview of ERC funding opportunities
  1. ERC Starting Grants for outstanding young researchers, who can already demonstrate the first steps towards scientific independence.
  2. ERC Consolidator Grants for outstanding researchers, who want to consolidate their scientific independence
  3. ERC Advanced Grants for established researchers, who are international leaders in their respective fields and can demonstrate scientific excellence
  4. ERC Synergy Grants for groups of two to four researchers, who bring together their complementary skills and knowledge in new ways.

In addition, the ERC Proof of Concept Grant offers a project format for researchers who have already been awarded an ERC grant to test the marketability of their research results.

ERC support within JARA

In JARA, we offer individual support before and during the application process, including preparation for the interview. We assist successful applicants during contract negotiations, including ethics clearance, and provide support in administrative project management.

In addition to personal support for applicants and grantees, we offer an extensive series of events. ERC information events and internal ERC webinars are held at regular intervals to help scientists prepare their applications. We also offer ERC application workshops for Starting, Consolidator and Advanced Grant applicants as well as ERC interview coaching and presentation training with selected external service providers.


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