Skills development and facilitative culture

China's role in the world has undergone significant changes in recent years. A variety of position papers and strategy documents explicitly describe this altered role as ambivalent, which in turn impacts academic exchanges and collaborative research efforts. Particularly those who have had less intensive or no prior experience with China now hesitate, given the changing circumstances, to either maintain or establish collaborations with Chinese partners.

These concerns cannot be easily dismissed; they are well-founded. Collaborating with Chinese partners can entail significant challenges and, under certain circumstances, risks. In light of this reassessment of China's role and the changing legal, societal, and social conditions, it is essential to engage with the realities of collaborations and partnerships in the academic sphere. Understanding the geopolitical, societal, and economic developments assists in evaluating opportunities and risks.

Sharing knowledge, building competencies, within a strong network

The ENTRANCE project aims to impart this knowledge and foster a culture that enables research collaborations and projects. Through exchanges and workshops on topics such as legal competence, networking, and knowledge transfer, significant insights will be provided to better assess collaborations with Chinese partners. The goal is to minimize risks on both sides and facilitate cooperation. In addition to intensive networking with stakeholders from German and European research institutions and universities, knowledge transfer will occur through both digital and in-person events. A particular focus lies on both the emerging academic talent and professionals in technology and administration.

Das Netzwerk des ENTRANCE-Projektes ist bereits gut aufgestellt und in vielen Punkten offen für die Zusammenarbeit mit Personen und Institutionen, die nicht an der Antragstellung beteiligt waren. Die europaweite Vernetzung soll zudem weiter ausgebaut und gefestigt werden, um den Horizont zu erweitern und alternative Ansätze in der Gestaltung von Kooperationen mit China kennenzulernen.

ENTRANCE ist Anfang Juni 2023 gestartet und wird durch das Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) zunächst bis 2026 gefördert.

For the three interdependent areas of action, "Legal Competence," "Networking and Exchange," and "Transfer," work packages have been defined to make collaborations future-proof.

Objective of "Competence Development"

Objective of "Communication"