Scientists JARA have discovered a phenomenon similar to the laser effect with which the structure of organic molecules can be examined at previously unmatched levels of precision. In contrast to a laser, this "raser" (radiowave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) is pumped with parahydrogen and does not operate at light frequencies, instead oscillating continuously at various radio frequencies of around 100 kHz. A precise fingerprint of the molecular structure can thus be obtained.

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In order to create economic and technically feasible solutions for the conversion of energy system towards renewable energy sources, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research initiated the four Kopernikus projects. The partial project SynErgie investigates how energy-intense industrial processes can be flexibilized to adjust the industrial electricity consumption to a fluctuating electricity supply from renewable sources.

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By means of a yearly award, the profile area “Information and Communication Technology” at RWTH Aachen University honors young researchers who contribute significantly to the ICT-related research and show the potential to further improve the international visibility of ICT research at RWTH Aachen University.
Andrea Bönsch from the Virtual Reality Group was selected by the Steering Committee of the profile area ICT as one of the recipient of the 2017 ICT Young Researcher Award.
The award is donated with 3000 Euro, supporting her research career. Congratulations!

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