JARA-HPC - Computer Simulation with Supercomputers

Computer simulations have become the third pillar of research alongside theory and experiment, providing us with insights that had long remained concealed for physical, technical or financial reasons. Almost all research areas benefit from simulations: from medical science to engineering sciences, information technology and material sciences up to environmental and energy research. Many simulations, however, require the massive computing power of supercomputers.

Scientists of the section JARA-HPC (short for High-Performance Computing) combine the knowledge of massively parallel computing on supercomputers with the respective expert research competences, e.g. of medical scientists or engineers.

In this way, they considerably contribute to making full use of the opportunities offered by computer simulations to address current research issues. A unique organizational structure supports the scientists in this undertaking, consisting of so-called Simulation Laboratories and Cross-Sectional Groups.

Scientists of the section HPC furthermore have access to the world's most powerful supercomputers, in particular via the Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC) of Forschungszentrum Jülich. The researchers develop application software that is keeping pace with the increasing power of supercomputers.

JARA-HPC organisation