JARA-HPC - Computer Simulation with Supercomputers

The JARA section JARA-HPC - short for "High Performance Computing" - was already established in 2007 with the foundation of the Jülich Aachen Research Alliance, at that time under the label JARA-SIM. After the reorientation towards simulation sciences with high-performance computers three years later, the section was given a new name.

Scientists of the section combined the knowledge of massively parallel computing on supercomputers with the respective expert research competences, e.g. of medical scientists or engineers.

In this way, they considerably contributed to making full use of the opportunities offered by computer simulations to address current research issues.

At the beginning of 2019, JARA-HPC became part of the JARA Center for Simulation and Data Science (JARA-CSD), following its foundation the year before. Thus a further bundling and focusing was achieved.