JARA-Institute: „Quantum Information (QI)"

In many fields, there are arithmetical problems which cannot be solved by conventional computers since the cost of computation increases exponentially with the size of the problem. An example of such a task is the decomposition of prime numbers. In contrast to conventional computers, quantum computers are ideally suited for this task. The JARA scientists from the JARA QI institute are undertaking research in a number of different areas in order to realize the development of a quantum computer. Attention is focused on semiconductor spin qubits since they are very promising for quantum information processing.

In addition to maintaining the quantum states of the qubits for a longer period of time in order to be able to execute algorithms, the central challenge for scientists at Aachen and Jülich is increasing the number of qubits entangled with each other. A viable quantum computer will require millions of qubits linked to each other in order to solve the problems it was designed for.

Founding directors of JARA-FIT Institute QI
Prof. Hendrik Bluhm
Prof. David DiVincenzo