JARA Institute: Energy-efficient information technology (Green IT)

Future chips require innovative materials and structures in order to satisfy the appetite for more computing power while at the same time drastically cutting energy consumption per arithmetic operation. Energy efficiency is thus becoming a driving force of technological developments. The JARA-FIT Institute Energy-Efficient Information Technology (Green IT) is devoted to this topic. The idea is to combine ultra-low power logic with energy-efficient storage media in the nanometre range.

The interdisciplinary know-how and the outstanding expertise of the JARA scientists can be exploited for this purpose. The know-how ranges from detailed knowledge in designing semiconductor hetero- and nanostructures, highly energy-efficient memristive materials, up to and including outstanding expertise in the field of signal processing and circuit architectures.

The JARA professors at the Green IT institute are concerned, among other things, with linking transistor technologies and storage concepts, or improving the functionality of semiconductor chips by further developing phase change materials and redox-based transition metal oxides.

Founding directors of JARA-FIT Institute Green-IT
Prof. Detlev Grützmacher
Prof. Rainer Waser
Prof. Matthias Wuttig

Founding member
Prof. Tobias Noll