Optimizing and developing energy technologies

The provision of a sustainable, i.e. efficient, resource-conserving, environmentally acceptable and reliable, energy supply is one of the most crucial challenges facing society in the future and is becoming increasingly more significant due to global developments. This challenge requires the combined action of a wide range of actors and expertise. For energy research, this means above all that collaborations between larger numbers of actors will become ever more important in order to provide scientific and technical solutions.

At the moment, about 60 members of JARA-ENERGY are involved in the field of energy research, exploiting their compentencies and research infrastructure in a complementary manner. Their objective is to explore, optimize or develop from scratch energy technologies and system solutions, both along system and value-added chains as well as with respect to interdisciplinary cross-cutting issues, from basic research up to applications that are ready to use.

JARA-ENERGY's fields of research are energy technologies in which common research interests are to be found and where added valued with respect to science, industry and research structure can be achieved by collaborations.

The research activities of JARA-ENERGY are grouped along the energy value-added chain and can be broken down into seven fields of action, of which two are cross-sectional topics. Within these fields of action, and also beyond their boundaries, JARA-ENERGY researchers take an interdisciplinary approach in creating cooperative solutions for tomorrow's energy supply.

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