The Aachen Institute for Advanced Study in Computational Engineering Science (AICES) was a graduate school established in 2006 in the frame of the German Excellence Initiative. In 2012, the German Research Foundation has re-evaluated AICES’ scientific concepts and has funded the Graduate School for a second phase. The AICES funding ended in October 2019. At the end of the project period AICES was transferred to the School for Simulation and Data Science.

AICES offered a doctoral program for Bachelor and Master students enabling a shortened and attractive path to the doctorate. It conducted interdisciplinary research at the interface between mathematics, computer science and engineering, which is reflected by a collaborative effort of more than 25 institutes from 8 academic departments. The graduate school provided stipends for about 20 AICES funded doctoral projects, which are jointly advised by an AICES Junior Research group leader and a senior advisor. Topics included specialized research in one of the areas of computational engineering, as well as on the integrative level of broadly defined inverse problems.
AICES offered a large number of regular seminars during the semester within the EU Regional School and the SSD (School for Simulation and Data Science) Seminar Series. Both seminar series have been transferred to the International Research Training Group “Modern Inverse Problems” and still take place regularly during the semesters.

The SSD Seminar Series covers the area of natural and engineering sciences. The SSD seminar series takes place on Mondays, during the semester. Twice a year the IRTG doctoral students organize the prestigious Charlemagne Distinguished Lecture Series as part of the SSD seminar series, which aims to invite people who have achieved impressive achievements throughout their careers and are inspired by their scientific achievements.

The EU Regional School covers the area of natural and engineering sciences. The EU Regional School short courses take place for three hours. Almost every EU Regional School will be filmed and can be found on the IRTG-2379 Youtube Channel.

The Principal Investigators and Young Research Group Leader were part of the leadership of AICES.

All past events from 2006 until 2018