Guidelines on form and content of applications for computing time on the JARA Partition

Project applications

Please submit your project description in English. The project description must not exceed 18 pages (font size 12pt). The task of the reviewers is greatly simplified by a uniform structure of the project applications. Therefore, please use the example project description (pdf, word, latex) and the example status report (pdf, word, latex).

Project descriptions of computing time proposals on the JARA Partition have to provide the following information:

  1. Introduction
  2. Preliminary Work
  3. Description of project including details about the project and the review process
  4. Numerical methods and algorithms
  5. Computer resources including information about code performance and workflow as well as a justification of number of requested core hours
  6. Resource Management and Work Schedule
  7. Key Personnel and Experiences
  8. Bibliographic References

Please find more information in the Fact sheet on applications for comping time projects and in the example project application.

Completeness and confirmability of these specifications will be considered during the assessment process. Missing information will lead to a reduction of granted computing time and possibly to the rejection of the proposal.

Status and final report

If the computing time for a project should be extended, the applicant has to submit a renewal application in addition to a status report (pdf, word, latex). Once a project is completed, the applicant is obliged to submit a final report (pdf, word, latex), which is due four weeks after the end of the allocation period. Please note that the status report and the final report have to be separate documents, because these reports might be read independently of the application process. The status report must not exceed 10 pages and the final report must not exceed 18 pages (both font 12pt).

Both status and final report should include the following information:

  1. Detailed results that were obtained in the last computing time period
  2. Statements about the use of the computer with respect to performance, scaling behavior, main memory requirements, data memory requirements and usage of resources
  3. Publications that appeared in peer-reviewed journals within the computing time period (no conference contributions or posters)
  4. Doctorate and postdoctorate theses that were completed in the framework of your project (quoting name of author and title of thesis)
  5. Pictures and figures created to illustrate findings of your project, and authorized to be used in JARA publications of RWTH, and FZJ

The project description (pdf, word, latex) and in case of an extension the status report (pdf, word, latex) will be sent to the web server as part of the electronic questionnaire in the form of pdf-files (please do not include any other information in these files).

If you wish to add supplementary information to your project description (e.g. articles that are not yet published), please compile it in another pdf-file and submit it together with the electronic questionnaire.

Please submit final reports for completed projects here.

Please navigate to the last granting period of your completed project and upload your report via the button "Add Report".