House of Simulation and Data Science (HSD)

The House of Simulation and Data Science (HSD) deals with projects regarding outstanding scientific questions (so-called "Grand Challenge Problems") within the context of the research environment of the JARA-CSD. Supported by a comprehensive infrastructure (ISD), the focus is on the combination of fundamental developments in the methods and models of simulation science and applications in scientifically and socially challenging areas.
In JARA-CSD there are currently 6 of these "Grand Challenge Problems" from the following fields:

  • Brain, Information and Knowledge
  • Chemistry and Life
  • Earth and Evironment
  • Energy and Networks
  • Matter and Materials
  • New Computing Technologies

Each of these "Grand Challenges" is regarded as visionary, domain-driven and strongly interdisciplinary and is based on the Exzellenzstrategie of RWTH Aachen and the research program of Forschungszentrum Jülich.