Netiquette for online events

We are looking forward to your participation in our online event "JARA-ENERGY Talks". The moderator will guide you through the video conference.

In order to ensure a smooth and trouble-free event, we would like to ask you to respect our "Netiquette":

  • Use of microphone: To prevent background noise and out of respect for the presenter, we will mute the microphones. Questions can be asked via the chat function.
  • Chat function: We welcome your constructive questions on the speaker's presentation. The questions will be collected thematically and the moderator will add them to the discussion, if time permits.
  • Recording of image and sound: A central and authorized recording of the event will be made by the organizers. We would like to point out that further recordings of any kind (sound and image) and screenshots as well as any distribution of recordings are not permitted.

If you are interested in the presentation shown, you can contact the organization team ( after the event.