Intensive Training Course on Neuroanatomy and Functions

Location: Univerity Hospital RWTH Aachen

University Hospital Aachen will host an intensive training course on neuroanatomy and functions from 28 September to 1 October 2015. The course in German language targets mainly early-career scientists, but also experienced medical clinicians and researchers and will offer theoretical and practical information on the structural bases of psychiatric disorders. Current knowledge on the organization of the cerebral cortex, fibre tracts, and the molecular and anatomical basis of signal transduction will be summarized. Macro-anatomic aspects will be demonstrated with brain specimens.

In addition, the physiological basics as well as the technological and methodological principles of data acquisition and evaluation through MRI and fMRI will be described. A further focus will lie on the basics of PET and its applications for scientific and clinical issues. The intensive training course will be organized by the German Society of Biological Psychiatry (DGBP) together with JARA-BRAIN.

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