Minerva-Gentner Symposium on "Interactive Brains: From Methods to Applications"

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

The Minerva-Gentner Symposium on "Interactive Brains: From Methods to Applications" organized by Prof. Ronny Geva (Bar-Ilan University) and Prof. Kerstin Konrad (RWTH Aachen & JARA-BRAIN) takes place in Tel Aviv from March 20th till March 22nd 2023. The symposium provides the unique opportunity for Israeli and German researchers to come together and engage in interdisciplinary communication and collaboration.

The main focus of this symposium is to delve into the dynamic human social interaction processes and share and expand our understanding of the methods and applications of second-person neuroscience. We will have senior researchers and scholars, PhD students, and postdoctoral students from a range of sciences, including psychology, neuroscience, biology, data science, music, art performance and more.

At the heart of this symposium lies a dynamic second-person neuroscience approach to better understand the dynamic processes of human social interactions across the entire life span. Understanding the underlying brain and cognitive mechanisms of interpersonal synchronization has enormous implications for a wide range of fields, including teaching, negotiation, psychotherapy, and the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. However, this research field is not without its challenges. One of the main methodological difficulties in dyadic social neuroscience is the need for simultaneous and high-resolution multimodal recordings of behavior, physiology, hormones and brain activities. In addition, the complexity of social interactions and the diversity of individual characteristics pose significant blocks in advancing the field.

Throughout this intense symposium, we aim to address these challenges and bring together a diverse group of experts to share their experiences, solutions and ideas. We hope to encourage the formation of inter-expert and inter-lab collaborations that can lead to new research initiatives in the field of interactive brain research. Besides scientific presentations and discussions we will also incorporate our own experiences of interpersonal synchronization into this symposium: The social events will provide an opportunity for attendees to experience the fun of crowdsourcing real-life interactive neuroscience approaches. During coffee breaks and the Gaga dance workshop, attendees will have the chance to closely interact with each other and personally experience the effects of joint actions on social connectedness with the group. Hands-on sessions will be used to discuss data analytic approaches and come up with new ideas for joint publications and future funding initiatives.

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