JARA-ENERGY Talks mit Mark McGranaghan

Veranstaltungsort: Online via Zoom

Bild: © Uniper

On this occasion, Mark McGranaghan, Fellow at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), will speak on the topic: "Research for the Energy Transition – US and Europe".

The energy transition priorities are very similar in Europe and the US – continue with the deployment of renewables to decarbonize the electricity sector and electrify as much as possible of other energy systems like transportation and heat. Longer term needs for energy systems to support long duration storage and flexibility to support very high penetration of renewables will involve hydrogen and related molecules. The discussion will describe the large cross-cutting research initiatives at EPRI supporting the energy transition and how these are being coordinated with research initiatives in Europe. We will also discuss how the recent investment support programs (Inflation Reduction Act in the US and the Green Deal Industrial Plan in Europe) relate to the energy transition research and demonstration needs.

An diesem Abend kann sich das Publikum über diese spannenden Zukunftsthemen informieren und im Anschluss mit Mark McGranaghan ins Gespräch kommen.

Um Anmeldung wird gebeten: energy-talks@jara.org


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