POP - Performance Optimisation and Productivity

Developers of applications that require the use of high-performance computing (HPC) can now count on free advice from European experts to analyse the performance of their codes. The Performance Optimization and Productivity (POP) Centre of Excellence, funded by the European Commission under H2020, started operating at the end of 2015. The POP Centre of Excellence gathers together experts from BSC, JSC, HLRS, RWTH Aachen University, NAG and Ter@tec. The objective of POP is to provide performance measurement and analysis services to the industrial and academic HPC community, help them to better understand the performance behaviour of their codes and suggest improvements to increase their efficiency. more

Annual Report 2015

The JARA-HPC Annual Report 2015 provides among others information on current computing time projects on the JARA-HPC partition and the ensuing publications. The annual report is now available online.

First JARA-HPC Symposium "JHPCS'16"

The first JARA-HPC Symposium "JHPCS'16" will take place from October 04 - 05, 2016 at the IT Center at RWTH Aachen. It is the first in a series of events regarding the use of high-performance computers in different scientific fields.


As part of a cooperation project between RWTH Aachen University and Forschungszentrum Jülich (JARA), a new database was created, that provides comprehensive overview of the main research areas in energy of the two institutions.


Human Brain Project
JARA Involved in European Megaproject on Human Brain Simulation
JARA FIT Annual Report
You can download the new JARA-FIT Annual Report 2014 from here. Our last year's scientific progress and our achievements are documented there.